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The Brothers of Christian Instruction

The “Brothers of Christian Instruction” is a pontifical religious organisation of men dedicated to the life of prayer in more than 26 countries worldwide. It was founded in France in 1819 by the priest Jean Marie Robert de la Mennais in order to provide education to the youth, with priority to the poor.

In Africa, the Brothers of Christian Instruction were first sent to Senegal, where they educated the children of slaves. In 1948, they arrived in Tanzania. Today, as experienced teachers and school administrators, they manage seven secondary schools in different regions of mainland Tanzania: St. Anthony Sec. School (Daressalaam region), Majengo Sec. School (Moshi, Kilimanjaro region), Singe Sec. School (Babati, Manyara region), Uchama Sec. School (Nzega, Tabora region), Pandahil Sec. School (Mbeya region), Kilimanjaro Boys Sec. School (Rombo, Kilimanjaro region), and Duluti Sec. School (Arusha region). All schools offer ordinary and advanced levels of secondary education for boys and girls, regardless of their religion and social creed – academic qualification is the main criterion for enrolment.

Mission: Make Jesus Christ known through education.

Charism: Provide education to the youth with priority to the poor.

Goals and objectives:

  • The dedication to a life of prayer, devotion and meditation.
  • The establishment of training institutions.
  • The realisation of charity projects.
  • The full and effective participation in developing the welfare of the people, and in solving social problems.

Motto: God Alone (DEO SOLI, abbreviated: D+S)

School History

The idea of founding Duluti Secondary School dates back to the 1990s, when the Brothers of Christian Instruction Kenya-Tanzania started the process of transforming their coffee farm into an educational institution.

After many years of hard work in order to meet Ministerial regulations in terms of the quality of education, staff, and infrastructure, Duluti Secondary School was opened in January 2007 with Bro. Pius Kihuru as headmaster.

Unfortunately, Bro. Kihuru passed away in June 2007. We remember him as a very inspirational personality. May he rest in peace. Bro. Kahuka, our current headmaster, became the second headmaster of Duluti Secondary after his death.

Duluti Secondary is growing gradually. Since 2012 we are able to offer A-Level studies.

School Assets

Our school’s assets include land, buildings, office furniture and office equipment:

  • 16 rooms: 1 used for administration, 1 as a staff room, 1 as a computer laboratory (with 27 computers), 1 as a book store, 12 as classrooms
  • 3 science laboratories (only one is equipped)
  • 3 staff quarters
  • 1 boys’ dormitory block, can accommodate 136 boys
  • 2 temporary boys’ dormitory blocks, can accommodate 120 boys
  • 1 girls’ dormitory which can accommodate 136 girls
  • 3 toilet blocks
  • 1 water reservoir, capacity: 135,000 litres
  • 2 boreholes
  • 2 pickups: 1 running, 1 grounded

School Population

In April 2015, St. Mary’s Duluti Secondary School accommodated 472 students and employed a staff of 49, as shown below.


School Candidates Private Candidates
FORM ONE 101 33 134
FORM TWO 79 26 105
FORM THREE 69 22 91 06 04 10
FORM FOUR 44 12 56 03 01 04
FORM FIVE 09 11 20
TOTAL 302 104 406 09 05 14


Teaching Staff Non-Teaching Staff
21 05 13 10

Duluti Secondary school is a non secretarian school and welcomes students from all backgrounds, despite it being Catholic owned. In our student population from 2011, 49% students were Catholics, 37% Lutherans and Anglicans, 7% Pentecosts, 6% Muslims and 1% S.D.A.s.

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