School Life

Daily Routine

Monday – Friday Saturday Sunday
05.30 am Rising, Personal Cleanliness, Breakfast, General Cleanliness

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: Assembly

Tuesday & Thursday: Class Meetings

Rising & Personal Cleanliness
05.45 am
06.30 am
07.00 am
07.30 am Mass
08.00 am Lessons Remedial Classes
10.40 am Tea Break Breakfast
11.00 am Lessons
01.00 pm Lunch
01.40 pm Lessons General Cleanliness or Sports & Games Free Time
03.20 pm Afternoon Programme

Monday: – 05.00pm – General Cleanliness

Tuesday: – 04.30pm – Remedial Classes

Wednesday: – 05.00pm – Debate/Clubs

Thursday: – 05.00pm – Sports & Games

Friday: – 05.20pm – Remedial Classes

05.45 pm Supper





Lights Off

07.00 pm
07.30 pm
10.00 pm
10.30 pm



Students ofSt. Mary’s Duluti Secondary School can choose to join one or more of the following clubs:

  1. Science Club (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science)
  2. Business Club (Economics, Commerce, Book-keeping)
  3. Youth of United Nations Associations (YUNA) Club
  4. Environmental/Mali Hai Club
  5. Anti-Corruption Club (PCCB)
  6. Language Club (Kiswahili, English)
  7. Social Science Club (Geography, History, Civics)
  8. Drama Club
  9. Germany Group
  10. Elimu Group (Supported students)
  11. School Magazine
  12. School Choir
  13. School Teams (Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Netball)

Health Care

St. Mary’s Duluti Secondary School employs its own school nurse, Mrs Gabriela. She started her work at St. Mary’s Duluti when the school was opening in 2007 and has been a great support for students and staff ever since: After all, in order for education to be successful, teachers and students need a healthy body and a healthy mind.

School Rules

The following is an extract of the rules and regulations for students of St. Mary’s Duluti Secondary:


  1. The student is supposed to behave in a disciplined manner towards all members of the school community.
  2. The student is supposed to follow all instructions given by the head of school and the school government.
  3. The student is not allowed to use abusive language.
  4. The student is not allowed to own mobile phones, radios, necklaces, or earrings.
  5. The student is not allowed to have cash; pocket money has to be kept at the accountant’s office.
  6. The student has to wear the school uniform during school days.
  7. The student is not allowed to eat in the dormitories.
  8. The student is not allowed to light candles, apart from mass.
  9. The student is prohibited to use make up or any other beautification tools.

School Anthem

Duluti Secondary aim to prosper

Keeping our motto to success

Through self obedience

We will do our best

Our very best

Our very best

Working as one

We will prosper

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